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Salveo New York

The Right People, For the Right Job.

Here at Salveo we make sure that you get the right people for the job that you want to be filled. Find the people that are passioned in the work that you have available; help build each other's dreams.

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scope of practice

Scope of Practice: Why Aren’t Nurses Allowed to Do More?

With the number of doctors more in demand than ever, why aren’t they allowed to do more? This video explores that question through the lens of advocating for removing the “Scope of Practice” barrier currently in place in most of the populated states. The Scope of Practice specifies that there are certain activities that must

Top 10 Tips for Fall Prevention

No matter your age, the danger of falling is a seriously risk.  Fractured bones, torn muscle ligaments, and a number of other factors can turn winter into a very painful season.  That’s why it’s important to keep these ten easy tips in mind when moving about. Fall prevention isn’t difficult.  It’s something that healthcare professionals

Top 5 Great Early Career Decisions

The costs associated with getting a healthcare degree are only going up.  By the time most people complete their undergraduate degrees, they walk out with $29k+ in student loan debt.  That can factor in heavily when deciding where you want to work.  While landing a job at Mercy in downtown Chicago looks like a great

Salveo Healthcare Solutions Inc.

of the New York Metro Area (SHS), provides nurses, allied health professionals, registered sonographers and physical therapists staffing to various medical environments throughout the New York City, New Jersey andConnecticut area. Whether beginning a new medical practice, expanding, or simply looking to add personnel to ensure an efficient healthcare environment, SHS is prepared to assist you with all of your staffing needs.

Employment Opportunities

For those seeking new employment opportunities, we pride ourselves on our affiliation with top medical facilities in the area. Because we meet with each potential candidate for our database, we are able to personally discuss your employment needs.


With more than 15 years of staffing experience, we have built an extensive network of healthcare professionals to better serve your employment or career requests. We thoroughly assess the needs of our clients and become familiar with both the tone and structure of each of our valued facilities. Additionally, our staff of Masters Degree prepared nurses meet each potential staffing candidate personally to ensure that an appropriate match is made.

Salveo Recommendations

Our happy clients make us happy as well

I always thought that recruiting was such an arduous task until I met the Salveo Healthcare Solutions Team. They were enthusiastic and very eager to assist me, I found their doctor friendly approach invaluable and motivating. If you are looking for an exciting and fun job hunting experience, then you are on the right page.

“Salveo Healthcare Solutions provided invaluable support in placing me in an ideal urgent care position. Salveo’s professional staff was extremely attentive and followed through with every aspect of my job search. They helped me find the best position from a professional, personal, and financial perspective.

Salveo has provided us with many of the related service providers. We contacted Salveo and they immediately began to search for qualified applicants to fill our positions. We have been extremely satisfied with the caliber of the professionals.

Many consulting agencies have provided very competent resources, but the consultants provided by Salveo Healthcare Solutions, Inc. have excelled within our organisation. They have become key resources on some of our most important projects.