Most Desirable (and Least Desirable) Cities for Physicians

This week, MedScape published its annual list of Best and Worst Places for Physicians to Practice in 2016. This annual list compiles information from several sources, some of which include the U.S. Census Bureau, Association of American Medical Colleges and other proprietary reports to list the top 25 cities.

The Top Five Best Cities:

  1. Apex, N.C.
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Birmingham, Alabama
  4. Boise, Idaho
  5. Columbus, Ohio

On the surface, the cities in the top five can appear to be vastly different, but they all have a few key contributing factors that include strong economies, low malpractice payouts, and access to top notch education.

There were some interesting factors that made certain areas more appealing such as the education level of the spouse. The higher educated the spouse was, the more likely they would be looking for an urban area with a growing employment market. If the physician was closer to retirement age, they would be more attracted to areas that had a strong cultural presence and least concerned with access to education options.

At the end of the day, the biggest similarity in the top cities is balance. There is something for everyone in the family and they have a close proximity to a large metropolitan area. Finally, their market is not already saturated with physicians. The least important item for making a final decision in regional location was the financial pay out. A strong offer might peak the interest of a candidate in a particular area, but if their family would not be happy with the area, it it too large of a roadblock to overcome for most individuals.

We know at Salveo that part of finding the perfect match for a candidate includes geographical location. That is why we take a personal approach with our candidates to learn not only their career aspirations, but to know them personally. That way, we can find each candidate something that matches their skill set and their passions. Even if those passions include North Carolina basketball or Alabama football.

If you would like to see the MedScape list in its entirety…

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