Salveo Industry Spotlight: Fastest Growing Career Paths For Psychology


Psychology is the most popular bachelor’s degree to obtain in the United States and yet we still have a shortage of mental health care provided to our population. There are a wide variety of career paths for an individual to pursue with this degree which is increasing in necessity as integrated care models are becoming a requirement for optimal reimbursement.


Salveo Industry Spotlight: Fastest Growing Career Paths For Nurses

Nurses have long been viewed as the most imperative component of patient care. They serve as the educator, care taker and communicator. In most patient satisfaction surveys, the score is directly correlated to a patient’s experience with their nurse. It is no wonder that it has become one of the most in demand fields in healthcare today as it estimated to have a growth potential of 28% in the coming years.

Is Finding Joy The Cure For Compassion Fatigue?

Being responsible for patient care can be one of the most stressful careers an individual can choose to pursue. As of late, the job satisfaction rate for physicians and nurses are at an all-time low and is causing many to decide to move out of healthcare. While in school, they are taught the skill of being a super hero that can complete their job without feeling emotion.

Nurses: Should You Consider Temp-to-Hire Positions?

For decades, the holy grail of job search has been a permanent, full-time position with all the benefits that go along with that. While that is still the goal for many professional nurses looking for a new position, the best path to get to that coveted full-time role may not be a straight one. For those professional nurses ultimately looking to get their optimal position,